Depending on the size of the crane and the intended purpose of each equipment, the technology in those machines varies. Each and every one of our mobile cranes is selected to meet the needs of our clients and markets. The highest priority for the equipment is safety.

Max. Load Capacity 100 Ton
Max. Working Radius 46 Meter
Max. Hoist Height 52 Meter
Number of Axles 4 Axles

This 100 ton all terrain crane is one of the most versatile mobile cranes in our fleet. It is easy to operate, quick to set up, and has a strong boom and structure for all kinds of heavy lifting.


  • Highest lifting capacity of 100 Ton
  • High safety factor
  • Strong superstructure
  • Strong machine

Type of work

  • Highway projects
  • Factory and building construction
  • Heavy objects transportation projects
  • Mass transit projects

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