Our entire fleet of mobile cranes is equipped with a powerful telescopic boom. Depending on how long you need it, this can be extended depending on the project type. A broad variety of jibs are available, such as a fixed jib, a mechanical folding jib, or a luffing jib, which considerably enhances flexibility when in use.

Max. Load Capacity 160 Ton
Max. Working Radius 47 Meter
Max. Hoist Height 47 Meter
Number of Axles 5 Axles

This machine has a max lifting capacity of 160 tons and it is great for long distance travel. The square type boom is the classic design that allows for a strong and high-strength boom for heavy lifting.


  • Highest lifting capacity of 160 Ton
  • High safety factor
  • Strong superstructure

Type of work

  • Mass Transit projects
  • Ports project
  • Bridges project
  • Powerplant maintenance

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