Small cranes that have a single cab for both driving and lifting. Due to its great maneuverability in tight locations, compact design, and tight turning radius, it is one of the cranes used most frequently in urban building projects.

Max. Load Capacity 12 Ton
Max. Working Radius 22.3 Meter
Max. Hoist Height 24 Meter
Number of Axles 2 Axles

This is a super compact crane for indoor or low clearance jobs. The short base boom allows heavy lifts at steep angles. This model has a max lifting capacity of 12 tons. It can be used in very limited open space or a small indoor factory with a low ceiling.


  • Highest lifting capacity of 12 Ton
  • High safety factor
  • Compact
  • Very limited working area

Type of work

  • Indoor parts installation
  • Machine relocation
  • Factory renovation
  • Indoor airport project

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