A double cab crane can be used for both driving and lifting activities. Our truck crane type has outstanding mobility because of its long wheelbase, making it ideal for long journeys on flat ground. The operator can operate the crane very easily with just one person.

Max. Load Capacity 60 Ton
Max. Working Radius 36 Meter
Max. Hoist Height 45 Meter
Number of Axles 4 Axles

This truck crane has a max lifting capacity of 60 tons and it is used for projects that need long distance travel. The load on each axle is low, which is great for traveling.


  • Highest lifting capacity of 60 Ton
  • High safety factor
  • Truck style drive
  • Easy to operate

Type of work

  • Boiler installation
  • Factory building project
  • AC chiller installation project
  • Solar roof project

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